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TBT Post..

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and for ever.” II Peter3:18

The sun now over the horizon….a cup of coffee cooling beside me….the sounds of nature tickling my ears….and the quietness. Ahhh…..quiet.. except for the gentle sounds of nature and the Father who created it. The open Word before me. I am faced with a choice. Jesus, ah, my precious advocate is here…Jesus gives me the picture of a beggar daughter being offered the royalty of a princess daughter. There before me a garment of pure white is laid…I am very aware of my tattered beggar clothes. I somehow cling to them with a false sense of security…afraid to let go. God reminds me this morning that I can’t put new garments on over the old ones. The old garments must be rid of and along with the spiritual bathing that is taking place inside me I need the fresh, crisp, and of the highest quality, of the new garment. My back porch becomes an alter~so precious. I realize keenly that the piece of my heart that needs healing takes from the other parts in its gasp for survival and now it is free to be filled with something new, something precious, something that I could now draw from to give to my kids. Something that will give me strength abundantly to serve well rather then zapping strength from me.

A big difference!

The song, “Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that ‘You’re my God!!’ You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me….” rings from my outdoor sanctuary! And now I can be altogether lovely, altogether worthy…in Christ alone!! I am reinvigorated! Will I need an alter experience again? Probably so but for now I am enjoying that “freshly washed and dressed for the day” experience!:):) God has been a faithful Daddio always! You know, He’s always ready to let me exchange my “rags” for riches. Sometimes it’s very hard cause even tho’ I’m not out looking for trouble it creeps up unaware. Like for me, sometimes it’s dealing with an unjust accusation or an attack on our family and we are left to decide what to do about it. Satan is ready on site to justify me of my fleshly desire to hold a grudge or dislike that person. But then I am reminded that hate is murder in God’s eyes and my dislike is probabaly hate in God’s eyes. Wow…then I need a “beggar become princess” experience! And God faithfully sends one! Oh to love as Christ loves! And to see EVERYTHING as HE sees it! 🙂