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I love creating cozy spaces. And there is so much that goes into creating a cozy and beautifully warm atmosphere in our homes. But this post is primarily focusing on decor.

So, how do you choose the best home decor? Start by choosing a decor style. For example, contemporary style decor has a more clean or minimalist feel, while farmhouse decor is more traditional and lends a warmer atmosphere.

You need to narrow down what style of decor you might enjoy the most. You might see contemporary and modern like it. Then you see bright and airy and fall in love. Or, you might be attracted to primitive farmhouse decor.

It’s not that you can’t do a little mix-matched in styles of decor, but if you’re wanting it to be a noticeable theme you’ll need to be very selective. Try paging through decor magazines at Barnes and Nobles or browsing Pinterest for ideas.

Choosing Your Colors

Now to choosing colors. There can be many things that factor in here. The option is to choose the most popular colors for that specific theme. Or you can begin with your favorite coordinating colors. But for myself, that has changed through the years and there are so many of both cute or if you’re going for eloquent, color combinations out there to choose from. And I’ve found colors that aren’t my typical first choices to be refreshing!

As with seasonal changes in our decor, our color preferences can change as well.

You might want to check the trending colors for ideas. If you like to stay up to date, this may be as simple as it gets.

Clean Out the Clutter

We recently purged our home of almost everything. And we love it! Purging all our decor and kitchenware and basically, everything was a great experience! If it didn’t hold value within our hearts out it went! Except for a few encumbering heirloom pieces we hung onto.

And allow me to insert here, be cautious with heirlooms. Give yourself time. A season may unfold where you will cherish that you have preserved these pieces. With that I add, I’ve gotten rid of things from bygone days that were a burden. And I don’t miss them.

How did I let go? Simple. My parents are in heaven. They’re dancing on streets of gold and would never want me to feel encumbered with earthly possessions. And that includes heirlooms that might have meant something to them but not necessarily to me.

Life is meant to be loved and relished and not meant to feel all cluttered by “things” we feel obligated to keep in storage because we don’t feel right about letting go.

And so I’m currently in the process of choosing our decor and furniture choices and taking time doing it. There’s a specific aroma of warmth and welcome that I truly want it to reflect in our home.

Cultivating Comfort with Your Decor

You really want to keep comfort in mind. What is it that delights your heart? Is it…

  • Books
  • Fresh Flowers
  • A Basket of Magazines
  • Candles
  • Attractive Toy Bins

Create a cozy warm backdrop in your home by choosing decor that you personally find delightful and cozy.

You want your home to invite even yourself to stay and sit awhile. To read a good book, to write, to paint. To be inspired.

Some ideas of adding in warmth and attractive coziness are coordinating pillows, a comfy throw cover, a basket of magazines adding comforting touches and invites all who enter to stay awhile.

Another way of cultivating comfort in your decor is through candles. I love candles. And for me, that’s a staple decor in my home. I’m hoping to make the switch over to something less toxic but for now, I just love candles. And I welcome your suggestions in the comments. Be sure to subscribe by the way and continue to follow my journey of healthier vibrant living.

I do love an oil diffuser. Oh so fun! Many different scents and even the oils that smell beautifully while killing airborne bacteria. Such a good reason every home would do good to have one.

For comfort, I love beautiful mugs. Can you have too many? My minimalist mommy friends may say yes.

When we think of decor, do you think of plates, cups, and glasses that are tucked away in the cabinet? Okay, you probably do. It does make things so much more delightful and fun when you are preparing a snack, or dinner and things are so cute and colorful.

Decorating While on a Budget

Don’t stress it when spicing up or changing decor. Slow down. We live in such a fast-paced world. The journey is meant to be savored. It will all come together in due time.

And if the budget is super tight, remember the atmosphere of peace, contentment and joy is better then any decor you could bring into your home. So do not be critical and nagging to buy buy buy. Watch for clearance items or used items. I love yard sales too.

Be selective. Sometimes I’ve waited a while to find just the right thing that I loved and could afford to purchase as well. Remember it’s all going to come together. And while it’s coming together fill your spaces with the delight of contentment.

Creating the Right Lighting

Lighting is important for comfort. I prefer the warm buttery glow lighting.

Adding two lamps to an entryway table is beautiful and sometimes it’s all you’ll need.

Bedside tables with a lamp invites leisure reading in bed. That’s a great way to unwind after a busy day. And please leave cell phones out of the equation of bedtime wind down.

For the living room, my preference is that table lamps draws the room in cozier than floor lamps do. Although, I have had floor lamps before and they’re nice for the darkened corner that needs extra lightening and a table lamp might not be an option. I am currently trying to find the perfect for ones for our home. And like I said purchasing used can be a great choice. It may take a little longer but I’ve found that with patience comes something beautiful. Truly.

The amount of lights on in a room is really going to vary. My husband loves all the lights. While I tend to let the deep shadows enter before I might think to turn a light on. There’s an exception to that…a snowy eve will lead the way for me to turn on a cozy lamp and soft music. And sometimes to the ringing tones of jingle bells. Or the loveliness of Silent Night.

And my other exception would be on rainy overcast days. Lightening the shadows of a rainy day with a cozy lamp and my favorite candles.

See once again, I’m setting my back drop. Maybe you can’t change everything the way you might want it. But can you spice something up for more beauty. Just a little something.

How Many Pieces of Furniture Should You Have in a Room

This is going to hugely depend on space, the size of your family, and if you highly entertain guests and want lots of seating.

I prefer spaces around furniture for baskets of magazines and a few good books.

Living Room Ideas

There again, what is your theme? Farmhouse leans toward neutrals of white, beige and gray. But I’ve seen leather furniture work real well. It’s bolder so just don’t add too many other dark hues if you want the raving farmhouse look. Pops of bold color work really well with Farmhouse seasonally. Orange and possibly prune or some coordinating blue in the fall. And red looks so beautiful for a Farmhouse Christmas!

I personally prefer adding in two accent chairs before adding another a loveseat if I’m wanting more seating. It adds greater character to a living room, family room or den.

Depending on the size of your rooms, remember less is best. It’s better to love everything that surrounds you rather then to feel lost in the clutter.

Having the proper and appealing pieces of furniture for seating, lamps, accent tables, and book shelves lends to order, and adds warmth.

When selecting furniture take time to reflect what you’ll need in that particular room.

Master Room Ideas

I love wood and quilted queen headboards. Birch Lane has one I’m simply smitten with! A side table or two, a lamp for each, and possibly a dresser unless you prefer as I do, to utilize the master walk-in closet for all the things freeing up space for accent chairs.

I absolutely love my full length mirror, a birthday from my precious family.

Overstuffed or some kind of accent chair(s) or a settee invites conversation, connectivity, and a lingering feel. Also a great space for quiet early mornings reading and praying. I feel like everyone in life needs several things and personal quiet time with Jesus is one of them. Creating this lovely backdrop to pray, reflect, refresh, to journal, or to read is such a beautiful life-giving rhythm to establish. A simple reminder is that we cannot pour from an empty cup.

I love making the master bedroom into it’s own romantic sanctuary.

Kiddo Rooms Ideas

I love an accent chair in kids rooms with a side table, or a basket for books or toys if it’s little tots. It invites reading and a bit of quiet time and personal space. A side table, a lamp, a bed. I love each child to have their own bed. Bunk beds are a great option for small rooms or any room. Toddler beds are wonderful. Leaving the crib and graduating to a toddler bed is such a fun time and they still have the coziness of just their size. 

Dining Room Ideas

A dining room might have a buffet if you have the room and correlating dining table and chairs. I love farmhouse and the wicker dining chairs. We’ve just replaced our large counter height table with a lovely traditional height table. Its medium tone of wood goes beautiful with the farmhouse theme we are creating. We love it although it is not the wicker chairs.

Playroom Ideas

Toy rooms are a favorite of mine. I do not have one currently. I have had them. I’m choosing one for our home in the country someday. I love wall storage in playrooms filled with books, baskets, and pops of color. An inviting sofa for kiddos and parent movie time. And definitely the teepee nest for book reading together. It is a place that encourages imagination, creativity and nurturing while delighting in play and sharing in family time. I’ve loved having a specific room for the toys and sometimes I’ve made i a den and playroom combined.

Bathroom Ideas

I don’t have any furniture in our bathrooms. But a small storage piece if needed could be used. I suggest no TVs in the bathroom at the tub. It’s so good for our minds to be given the gift of quiet reflection. It’s healthy. Also a soak with soft affirmations playing in the backgroundd is an idea. I personally love playing my personal affirmations while I dress in the mornings. I love the app Think Up where I’ve recorded my own. And you might have guessed it. I said on my personal affirmations that, “We just love our dream home in the country,” It’s important to attract good things in your life. And no better way then to practice gratefulness and contentment.

Patio Ideas

I love porches. In Florida, we use to have almost full wrap around porches. I won’t elaborate here because I want to touch on this at another time. There is so much I could say about porches! But definitely, have some comfy seating. Even grabbing a used wicker set and spray painting it. And cover the cushions or buy clearance ones. Did you know that you could use a hot glue gun to reupholster with new fabric instead of a sewing machine?! Just make sure the glued parts are the underneath side. Potted flowers or flower beds near the porch are a must if you can! I love country signs that I’ve seen on porches! Some of you can make your own but for myself, as a whole, I’ve finally resigned that I won’t get crafts done so shopping is my go to, plus its fun!

Thank you so much for taking the time to hopefully be blessed and inspired to create your home into a place of warmth and beauty that invites all to stay awhile.