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Thursday Throw Back 9-16-13

The house is quiet. The day stretches before me as royal carpet rolled out. I get the blessed opportunity to tread upon that carpet. It’s fresh, vibrant, pure, untarnished. God’s grace is my clothing cause He is Grace. God’s mercies are new everyday Scripture says, Lamentations 3:22,23. My soul says, “Wow” in a sacred whisper. There is 1,440 minutes untouched before me. If I minus the minutes that I will spend sleeping tonight to gain new refreshment, I still have 990 of exquisitely beautiful moments to invest in today. As a mommy I need as many minutes in my day as possible.:) God has shown me that my minutes are as a handful of precious pearls.

Natural pearls

You know, the extremely rare ones that are found in the wild. Everyday God pours within my cupped hands these natural pearls. Each minute is a precious one. Oh, that I not halfheartedly catch a few as the rest slip between my fingers. No! I cup my hands carefully. Not wanting to let a single natural pearl (my minutes) fall wasted on the earth. I, with careful precision, long to select each one and invest it into something that equals the worth of that exquisite beauty. I have fun doing it in my mommy filled day. (An important side note: it’s amazing but even when Mike is at work we reap the sweetness of the minutes he’s invested in us. That is the astounding way God works through a Godly man.) With laughter on our lips, and joy bursting from within, our family will invest these minutes into something to treasure. We will keep the Word of God in its place of honor, which is at the forefront of our lives. Respect it, live by it, teach from it. We will teach our children that learning is fun, that sharing and putting others first is actually the secret to joy. We watch in amazement as we hear their giggles, see their childish joy bubbling from within. And remind them to never forget their childish simplistic faith. And from them our own faith be nurtured into something stronger. Scripture says for us to “become as a little child” Mark 10:15. That’s awesome. I watch our kids listening, with interest, the things their handsome daddy tells them, hanging on to each of his words, because they trust him and love him.


My Kingly Father (Jesus Christ) beckons me to do the same. He ask me to tune out the noise, the lies in our culture, and press in closer to Him. I love it…to live so close that I can see the twinkle in my God’s eye over what gives Him joy. To live so close that I see the tears in His eyes at what brings His heart grief. Then as I’m nestled in my Father’s safe embrace, He ask me, “Will you also weep for the things that break My heart? Will You be My earthly hands and feet? Will you risk everything you have for me? At my nod, His tears splash onto my face and become my tears. Then I realize in amazement that I am also crying. Crying for the lost. Weeping and pleading that others might experience this intrinsic joy in Christ. And I cry, for those that have no one to cry for them. And then something exotic in it’s loveliness happens, something strangely beautiful…..I realize that I have more joy. More peace. And I simply can’t figure it out. I think about it. I look up into my Father’s love gaze with questions in my tear filled eyes. He answers, “He who loses his life for My sake shall find it” Matthew 10:39 b. It all makes sense. The noise can’t reach me anymore. I choose that moment to live in my King’s Presence always. I will walk where He walks… Nothing can separate me from His love. Romans 8:35, 38, 39.