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TBT Post…

I love blogging but as a busy Proverbs 31 mommy, nurturing, creating cozy spaces in our home, alongside cooking, cleaning, and successfully building a business from home as well, sometimes my blogging takes a backseat. Writing and sharing is such a deep passion of mine. But I’m always reminded not to neglect or shortchange the life I’m living in order to write about it! 😉 I’ve never forgotten how one time someone commented on fb of wanting me to either blog more (my blogs of course are usually on mommyhood!) or reminding me it’s been awhile…;) And my older brother spoke up that I’m living my Motherhood. So precious. Those words sank deep into my soul.


The words we everyday freely speak, what are they? I’ve been reading the book “What to Say When I Talk To Myself”. It’s been an amazing read so far and a real eye opener for me. But it’s not even only the words we say to ourself, it’s the words others say over us. Such a profound and oft times not a wonderful effect it has on our life. I remember years ago…I’m 40 and I was just a young girl maybe between 9-14 when someone jokingly called me, “goofy”. Now this person loved me. I know without a doubt. And even though yesterday as I was shooting basketball at the park with my kiddos and I labeled my own self in the game we were playing as, “Fashion Mama” truth is, I don’t always feel fashionable. Sometimes I feel more “goofy” than fashionable. 😉 I was told when I was younger that I sing off key, then I marry a man who loves music in and out!! 😉 He’s told me the last 20 years that I have a beautiful voice but you know what, I still worry that I’m off key! 😉 But I’ve also noticed that because of his constant faith in me, I sing a whole lot more freely!!!

Our words…they truly are alive bearing life and growth or bringing death and defeat.

What will my words bring today in someone’s life? I’m intentionally being aware to bless freely and build up my precious family. I never want them to live less than their full potential because I said some seemingly innocent word or phrase that years later bears unhealthy fruit in their life. Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” I’m purposing in being more intentional in freely speaking life-giving words over my precious family and others!! Will you join me?! God bless you today in your mommying!