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Today is a new day with no mistakes in it. I just love this quote. My soul receives the endearing message of Grace and of new Mercies every morning. A brand new day. Grace. It carries with it tangible meaning. There’s something real, something familiar and comforting attached to it and it draws my heart to the warmth of its authenticity. A bubbling delight.

Quite similarly to the dancing delight I have when I’m enjoying the therapeutic deep rich earthy scent and feel of overturned soil while gardening on a late summer’s afternoon.

I really believe these delights are heavenly glimpses. Let your soul feel the exhilarating freedom unleashed in these soul stirring joy bubbling moments. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!

I’m reminded that life is often made up of two things. Circumstances that we have no control over. And the choices we get to make everyday to create what we love. These two can sometimes feel like worlds apart. The blog today is going to elaborate on creating what we love and soaking in and spilling over of grace.

Creating a Warm and Cozy Backdrop

I love how everyday I get the privilege and joy of creating the backdrop to my family’s day. I get to choose the delighting music score~that soothing nurturing atmosphere of warmth, the aroma of cozy delight. To fill these home spaces with learning and laughter. Y’all, to bless our children and husband is to draw from and bring out the very best from their hearts wellspring.

As wife and mommy, we hold the keys to sooo much influence and responsibility in our home. With so many mamas working outside the home and mommy and daddy trying to juggle equal responsibility on the home front, I feel like the compass of home is sadly going haywire. If you find yourself swept in this current of overwhelming juggle Jesus will shower you with wisdom how to nurture and spill rhythms of Grace over your family. And I have no doubt mama, that your heart desires this.

I believe it’s Mama so much at the heart of home. Ohhh Daddy too but that’s for another blog perhaps. As Mamas, we carry the wee ones nestled up against our heart, cozied deep within our womb protecting the sacredness of life. And all the heart rhymes of grace, and home are much needed in our growing kiddos lives. The spilling of warmth through gracious words, sweet smiles, and loving touch, all nurture security in our children~protecting the sacredness of life.

Investing in our children’s life is not a distraction from important work. This is the important work. And I love love love how Proverbs 31:31 says, Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. For there to be fruit, was there not first tilling, sowing, tending to, and protecting of the budding harvest?

I love Grace. I love blessing. Parenting is so much more about growing ourself and our children looking on and learning through our example as parents. I remember when the older ones were little that one day Mike and I were talking how they say please and thank you. We realized that it wasn’t so much the training as the fact that is how we spoke to each other. More is caught then taught.

Children move toward blessing. So I really sincerely believe that speaking life giving words has a beautiful influence on our children’s life, their growth, and maturity giving them a deeply rooted secure foundation.

Protecting the Warmth of Home

Don’t let outside distractions influence the fountain of lifegivingness flowing in your home. As mommy, I am intentional of the fruit of my heart because from the wellspring of my heart spills over to my family. And I desire to spill only good things. This has even meant stepping away from negative and life depleting relationships/friendships. I know this can be a huge thing for many of you. As women, we feel things personally and in our emotions. And that spills over. But it often comes out in frustration. So it’s important to weed out negative influences.

Sometimes though the danger can come from the good things that we allow to disrupt our rhythms and steal our time. Beware of this. Its not so noble after all to be spent and exhausted saving the world around us at the expense of losing what is most valuable and dear~our families. Yes, there’s a place for ministry to flow out from our home, but that’s another topic. Remember, our family is our very first ministry. This special gift deserves our best energies. The best of our time rather then the squeezed in leftover.

Practical Cozy Tips

In closing, I’m delighted to add how I nurture cozy spaces in our hearts and our home. First it doesn’t matter if the budget is tight. There are so many ways to relish warm delights of home. Personally I do not like clutter. I feel cluttered inside myself if I have clutter around me. 😉 So I make it a priority to have clutter free spaces. Adding simple decor will capture attention in clutter free spaces. 

Figure out your own style. And if you feel your style doesn’t match your allotted budget, still be selective and don’t just settle for something just to have stuff. Check out clearance items in your favorite department store. Over time you will find what you’re looking for. Do not buy just to buy. Does it stir something warm and cozy inside you? Adding meaningful reminders of what’s dear through decor signs or pillows is fun and heartwarming. When selecting decor and comfort items remember, is it going to attribute to the atmosphere you’re creating in your home?

Happy Homemaking!