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TBT Post…

Autumn ironically to me is the season of warmth. With its chilling temperatures and its final send off of summer it has me lighting spiced apple candles, playing Christmas music, and anticipating cozy evenings indoors. Autumn in its preciousness is drawing the family cozily in close from the exotic and abounding energies of summer! Summer filled with outdoor activities of park and mountain alike. Splashing in water and all the shrill giggles and laughter in the sunshine! Whereas, Autumn is the quieter but deeply felt joy of anticipating something treasurable just around the corner. Last evening we did hot chocolate, roasted almonds and watched a Christmas movie, and our little 6 year old mentioned it seems like Christmas is here. 🙂 It all so beautifully heightened a child’s sweet eagerness for Christmas and new toys! I love Autumn and with it is mixed the sad sweet goodbye of our much beloved summer. Dear sweet Mama, I was reminded again last evening how the smallest touches of intentional care in laying out our hot chocolate, marshmallows, and almonds creates such a display of beauty and warmth for our family to relish and savor. It’s kind of similar to steeping fine tea into a perfect brew.

We can throw stuff on the table and serve. Or we can lovingly and thoughtfully arrange it and the experience has something worth relishing.

And those fine steeping or relishing moments, over time shapes our children into caring loving people. Ohhh I absolutely love Mommyhood. I love that we can create such warm and beautifulness is our homes. I’m deeply deeply thankful for my sweetheart husband and that together we’ve created our home to thrive in loveliness and heartfelt beauty and family closeness. My heart is sad when I think that there are homes who do not have supporting husband’s (or supporting mamas!)who invest care into creating intentional places of beauty for their family’s to thrive. If this is the place you find yourself in, I encourage you in praying and interceding for your husband. (Your prayers are powerful!!) That together you both can create your home into a mini heaven on earth. I am praying for you precious mommies. With much love and blessing.<3